Google+ Vintage inspired designer wedding dresses and accessories | Auckland, NZ - A LA ROBE - Bridal Boutique, Auckland.

A La Robe...a bridal boutique layered with silks and laces, vintage inspired wedding dresses for the indie bride. Find distressed veils, cashmere, boudoir pieces and one only jeweled brooches. If your wedding is soon, we might even have the perfect dream dress ready to go... A La Robe is at 415 Parnell Rd, Auckland, NZ or shop online. There are many more styles, as well as one off dresses, ready to try in store.Or email an enquiry....we'd love to help.

Each A La Robe style is simply cut from beautiful quality silks and cottons. Often hand dyed, and usually with a softly laundered finish. By layering different dresses together, or wrapping and tying skirts and dresses over each other, many looks can be put's  about how you style your pieces. See the Lookbook photos for ways of combining skirts and tops, wraps over silky slips, one dress over another. Accessorise with a cashmere cardi, or a vintage brooch. The hand made silk flowers can be pinned onto the clothes or in your an indie bride and have fun!